UpNorth Properties

UpNorthProperties.net is a full featured real-estate website built for a realty office in Elk Rapids Michigan. The site feature large background bilboards that are editable from an admin back-end, full listings search including google map search, search critera that allows the user to define exactly what they're looking for with javascript driven price/square footage sliders, all displayed in a responsive bootstrap 3 design. The site's content is pulled from the local MLS database weekly via a automated script. Everything done by my self.


Written in Laravel 5, RealDealHolidays is a middle man travel website which derives it's content from seven CaperJS web scrapers, some of which I designed to run on a regular schedule while others are run on the fly taking in the users input, searching third party sites, then returning the results to the user. The site features full search criteria, newsletter, paypal-laravel payment integration and support chat all in a responsive theme. Everything was done by myself.

Regdy Medical

Written in Laravel 4, Redgy.com is a medical device community site where users can upload medical devices and related information. The site featured full user accounts/profiles, full device search, heart(save) devices, follow device, company and category with email notification of updates, auto generate graphs based on device data done in javascript, wiki style user-updating of devices and membership subscriptions. I wrote several scraping scripts for this site that collected medical devices from government sites on regular intervals executed by cron-jobs. The client designed the site him self and I built the front end in standard Html5 on top of laravel.

Free Tenant Screener

 FreeTenantScreener.com is a renter screening platform for landlords. It allows landlords to create completely customizable online rental applications and send them to potential renters. Landlords can require credit, criminal and finical reports from the renters. Renters complete the application and reports which are automatically sent back to the landlord. The entire process takes place on FTS's Dashboard backend thus simplifying the landlord-renter relationship. Renters can also share their completed reports with other landlords at no additional charge. I did everything on this site, Laravel 5 backend, blade bootstrap responsive front end.

PHP Hostel Scraping Script

This screen-cast demonstrates a php scraping script which scrapes hotel web sites and the generation of a in browser spreadsheet populated with the scraped websites content. This can be used for profit loss recording of compeditors. Changes in price are highlighted while the data is stored in a standard MySQL database allowing graphing of the data.

Real-Estate Web Scraping in Javascript

 A real estate web scraping example written in casperjs/javascript. This script visits real estate websites and for any given search query returns all the listings, their images and content then stores this information in a XML file to be used in recreating the site. This required randomizing the wait periods between image downloads to prevent the host from recognizing the traffic as robotic. This site required manipulating the sites DOM elements, which from a web developers perspective is easist done with jQuery. Casperjs does a good job of accomodating jQuery. Click on the title to check out the screen cast.

Fremont Farmers Market  

 A community farmers market theme for Wordpress featuring a variety of images and shapes mimicing the sloping hills of a country side. Paper textures were used to simulate textures found in a street vendors candy bag and simple contrsuction paper one might find at a commmunity pin up advertising board.

Lakers For Trains  

 A rail public transit grass roots web site currently in scheduled for relaunch. As a social organizing site, it features user driven forums, profiles, groups  and events. The sites feel mimics a dilapidated depot sympolizing the state of Michigans Rail system. The sites functionality allows users to post their own reports along with editors choice articles, layed out in a magazine fasion with a headline slide show.  Every thing on the site was done by me.

Raven Hill  

 Made for a hands on kids museum/learning center, featuring a nature and science theme. The user is greeted with textures taken directly from nature with menu items outlined in white giving the menu the feel of construction paper with mouse over glimpses of the menu items content. The clients original site relied on dream weaver to crudely hold the site together. I saved the client time and confusion with this refreshing design running on Drupal.

Paper Dimentional Forrest 

A past portfolio proof of concept of mine. Made in Flash Action Script, the user is transported through a seemingly 3d forest by blue jays to a new tree, a tree for each menu item. The site was a art contecpt that functioned as my portfolio for a while. As I no longer use it, the fonts have become out dated but I'm still proud of the concept.

Murdicks Fudge  

A shopping cart site made for a main street candy store, featuring Victorian curves and colors, customizable billboards and a robust on line store featuring the items made and sold in the actual store. The site conveys that quaint nostalgia feel one might experience if walking into a turn of the century candy store with shop keepers behind the counter wearing boa ties dispensing lolly pops to children. The store and company has been in their current location for nearly that long so the real world store provided much of the inspiration for the design.

Metropolis resort    

A resort, water park, hotel site featuring customizable everything. The client designed the sites entire look and feel, then handed me a image mockup and I brought it to life. I accomplished the site with Flash, Php, Drupal allowing the client to maintain the site them selves.

Cigar Box 

A Cigar website proof of concept site which presents a actual cigar box to the user. The stickers of the cigar box function as buttons on jquery mouse over. Upon entering the store, the user gains access to the inside of the box. Runs on Drupals premier shopping cart plug-in, Ubercart.

North Shore Remodeling 

A minimalistic site made for a carpenter in Hawaii's personal business. Features a simple Hawaiian feel, calm colors and a welcoming banner. The client wanted a basic but attractive layout to display examples of his work. I delivered a affordable product he could modify him self.